fredag 31 augusti 2012

The eye of Nabokov!

Nabokov comma Vladimir! After Lolita, I thought I had found the only funny classical author - how right I was. This book was written a fat 25 years before Lolita too. Look to your right to see the funny author man himself in all his St Petersbourgeois glory, by the by. The plot of The Eye surrounds a group of Russian emigrants that have settled in German Berlin. A floating eye of someone convinced of his own dis-animation tells the story of intrigue, backstabbing and similar Ruski business. Unfortunately, only a give or take hundred pages and then it's over. Although I must admit the funniest parts were in the very first pages of the book, the content of the book will leave the reader with many provocative quotes to impress his friends with and ponder on lonely nights of self-denial. In addition, it may turn perspectives upside down for the largely perpendicular readers. Give it a go! I read it in four hours on public transportation, trying very hard not to laugh as people do not laugh to written text in book form anymore and I did not want to make a scene.

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