fredag 15 oktober 2010

Arcade Fire's new album "The Suburbs"

Arcade Fire! A Canadian indie band from Montreal released their new album not long ago and it is a big one. I never liked them in the past but I do declare that they have made a Kings-of-Leon's-Only-by-the-Night-like release that made skeptics into choired.

Definitely a thumbs up!

Strong tracks are the already famous "Suburban war" and another track to mention is "Half Light". Wonderfully composed.

The whole album has a sense of MGMT when they released their "Kids", "Youth" and "Time to Pretend". Same innocent, almost hypnotic, sound that strikes the very core of modern music. At times absolutely beautiful.
Here is Half Light, you'll love it:

The album is also a very big one, over one hour of listening music, perfect for my long jogs through Zürich. Get this album!

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