fredag 30 december 2011

Warrior (cool title, isn't it)

Already from the heading you might suspect my sentiments on this one. Another movie about people hurting each other inside a rink. Some good scenes with Nick Nolte (yeah, I know, I thought he was just an urban legend myself) but all in all, the work of Gavin O'Connor rushes through the story line and culminates in a mushy ending that you can probably predict already after 10 minutes of watching the movie. It is not a bad movie, but flawed much like Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby" and not nearly as captivating as Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler" or David O. Russell's "The Fighter". But I guess if you like fight scenes and you are not too interested in a decent storyline... Go for it!

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

One of the funniest books you will ever read, together up there with Luke Rhinehart's "The Dice Man", Vladimir Nabokov delivers humoristic reference upon reference without ever compromising on advancing the story and yet always, as the kids say, keeping it real. Not only a perverted love story between Humbert and a under-aged "nymphet" but also a complete recollection taken from the heart of a man that gazed too long into an abyss. Reading this fine piece of work will put you clavicle-deep into the struggle between sanity and gay old times secretly asking yourself "So, was it based on a true story or..." even though you know the answer yourself. The hallmark of classic novels are that they are modern even decades after their creation. This one could have been written last week.

PUMA - get with it

Get your pume-on at the Puma Store, aka Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik created by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler in 1924. Crazy contemporary design with some of the most modern features seen every season. The stores are small which allow the odd and risky segments as well. I have now found my sportive complement to ZARA. And it is PUMA.

Inkonst in Malmö

InkonstIf you ever find yourself in the south of Sweden (Malmoe) looking for a place in which to get your groove vertically challenged, well then you are generally in trouble. Unless you enjoy kids on hormones, occasional restroom brawls and sausage - not fests - but festivals. Inkonst is no exception - although, to its defense, it does provide three separate dance floors - one of which is so secluded and hard to find that there is no one in there. Ever. Seriously, you could dump plutonium in there and get away with it. I think Usama was hiding there for a fortnight or so way back when. True story.

Metronomy at the English Riviera

Finally, the Brits are producing music again. Long awaited. And all the songs sound so good! Although they are sung in an American accent, the style is the modern one, influenced by Arcade Fire, MGMT, Band of Horses and so on and so forth.

Listening to this album you will see that all tracks flow into each other, from e.g. "Everything Goes My Way" to "The Look", but without sounding monotonous. Heavy on the imagination, these chaps are. Oh yes. Do not underestimate the Brits when it comes to the plinging and the plonging. I did. I had no idea. Get the Metronomy. Get the English Riviera.