torsdag 30 juni 2011

An armada of depressed canines

Fleet Foxes are out with their second album "Helplessness Blues" to follow the epic self-titled album that turned music on its head. Big shoes to fill and it seems that Robin Pecknold has as well been turned slightly on the cerebral side. But it still works, however competition with Band of Horses will be a future battle to battle. What's more, the bearded gentlemen are now also competing with Kings of Leon for the best bard. The music will make the difference.

Providing a little peanut butter

The PBJ-Swedes Peter, Björn and John have released "Gimme Some" and if you listen to this you will hear how Swedes sound when they attempt to speak English. And it is not an altogether bad band! They bring home the bacon if you are into indie music. Try it out!

måndag 20 juni 2011

Kill all the hipsters in Amsterdam

You can not, for everything that is holy, miss this event if you are in Amsterdam. What you get is basically to dance to all the music I have reviewed on this "blog" of mine. The Killers, Kings of Leon, Phoenix and so on and on and on...
And you get to dance to it! Stupidly! Like Hipsters! What more do you want old man??

Check out the facebook thing and join it. Don't miss!

Amsterdam: Sugar Factory Sundays with wicked jazz

Let there be jazz.
Down town Amsterdam is always open. Even on the day that God rested you can party. Sundays at the sugar factory promises sounds of wicked jazz, meaning you will see singers, saxophonists, rappers and a DJ simultaneously working the music for the dance floor. And most likely, you will also see (like I saw) people on crack or Ecstasy dancing like they were on crack or Ecstasy all night to sounds you never thought could be compiled. When in Rome, one must roam.
And he saw that it was wicked.

Depp, Cruz and boats (and 4 Caribbean pirates)

Disney's mini-series cash cow Pirates of the Caribbean is now into its quadriquel phase, probably going for a pentiquel if we do not watch out. As usual there will be good effects (this time: Johnny Depp's nose in 3D), some laughter and over acting by the same Mr. Depp. But do not let this stop you. Maybe I'd go for piratebay rather than pay at the counter, but then again, downloading 3D goggles is not as easy as it sounds. And, don't miss the final scene after the end credits...

All in all? It's a fun movie!

tisdag 14 juni 2011

Rocking Kills and may do harm to your environment

The Kills release their fifth album "Blood pressures" and concomitantly, they battle The White Stripes for the hardest rockyiest duo throne. A formidable adversary to the pseudo-incestuous Whites but no where near to their third album "No Wow". Still listenable and, what's more, repeatable.

söndag 12 juni 2011

Wasting light and fighting the foo at the same time

I pity the Foo Fighter's haters out there. They may be a little soft on the lyrics, but the guitars do their work quite well. Not to mention the drumming by Taylor Hawkins or the fact that they had a band member called "Pat Smear". In the deluxe/XXXtravaganza/bonus/Ultimate/überscheisse-version we also get a Deadmau5 remix of "Rope". I'd give it a go. I actually did.

söndag 5 juni 2011