tisdag 16 november 2010

Go out in style: Rote Fabrik

Probably the coolest place in Zürich! Looks nothing like the city, it's basically a couple of red brick buildings far off from the city run by hoodlums and thugs (or slightly more organized wannabes). Graffiti all over the place, great street art. The restaurant offers delicious cuisine, although usually only 1 out of every 5 dishes actually exist in the kitchen and the rest are for show.

Music usually matches the image, I saw a great Belgian techno band with one girl and guy (do not remember their name, please insert if you do!) there once and also a great Swiss band from Chur (again, I do not remember the name...).

Sometimes the leftist side of Zürich that dwells in these neighborhoods (surprised?) make big clubs, however these will cost you about 35-40 CHF to enter, while Karl Marx turns in his grave.

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