tisdag 16 oktober 2012

Muse's's 2nd Law (of what?)

Teignmouth's anti-Illuminati-mega-lung-insider Matthew Bellamy has dropped the epic-climactic rock phase and dived into pseudo-dubstepping through his songs - see Follow Me and Unsustainable.
Also, a phase of making songs like Queen - see Survival and Madness (confer to I Want to Break Free)
If you still want your old Muse, don't worry, just click Big Freeze or my favourite by farthest far Supremacy - do not miss that one.

Songs sounding not so much like any particular artist? Would be Panic Station and ominous Isolated System.

Predictions include fusing helium 3 in song Explorers at 3:05, as our last hope. Do it!

onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Animal Collective's new album Centipede Hz

Essentially noise.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahs erroneous Master EP

Yeah Yeah Yeahs self-titled album which erroneously is called Master EP for obvious reasons (unless you are blind). This group of NYC rockers apparently do "art punk" music, which is avant garde (who knew). Only five tracks on this bad boy from 2001 by the Pollack-Korean Karen Lee Orzolek and her band of maniacs. Check out Art Star but probably turn down the volume a little because there is a surprise in the song, however, it may become your favourite rock song afterwards like with me. Otherwise; Bang! and Miles Away where there definitely is a Regina Spektor in the making of Karen. Many ask themselves what happened to their sound. I do as well. Please come back.

Electroshock Therapy

Download the whole album with just five tracks right here and see if you like it as much as I did. Best song is by no doubt Psychadelicacy that goes on for ever and does not stop, which is very good.             The remaining four tracks does also foretell that we may hear more from them in the future when they have become more mainstream and perhaps even make a song with Kid Cudi. The UK boys Tom Lockett, Nick Simpson, Dan Lockett and Tom Thorley are notoriously difficult to track down but keep eyes open for gigs in your immediate vicinity.

If you are a MGMT/Foster The People/Empire of the Sun fan to pump this stuff into your ears and make it happen yo. You feel me?