onsdag 14 september 2011

Circadian confusion!

DEV (Devin Star Tailes, yes, that is her actual name) has an album out "The Night the Sun came up" and I know I called Chase & Status the best base album since Pendulum and Kelis latest, but this one bags the chicken as well. Miss Tailes, born 89 - not bad, has apparently figured out what Ratatat and so many other figured out a long time ago. The people like the base.

Do not miss her collaborations with The Cataracts, especially pseudo-mainstream monster hit Base down low.

måndag 12 september 2011

In solitary pursuit of of authority

The dubsteppers Chase and Status have released their album "No more idols" and they saw that it was good. Probably the heaviest party album since Kelis' "Fleshtone" and Pendulum's "Immersion" - blast it in speakers with proper subwoof going and a wattage of approximately 200.

And, for heavens sake, do not miss the Dizzee Rascal collaboration HEAVY. All your friends will like it. If not, they are not your friends.

Kamikaze without a cause

The Sounds' new album "Something to die for" had a song on Scream 4. Quite an achievement. Other than that, the sound of the Sounds is qualifies as "Indie Rock" because they have added electronic stuff in some of their songs. If there was such a thing as generic indie rock... well there is now!

I'm not saying it's not good, especially if you really enjoyed their other stuff. I would give this one at least 2-3 runs on the old Walkman.

You, yourself and infrared seasoning

Red Hot Chili Peppers new album "I'm with you" has Josh Klinghoffer filling the big shoes of John Frusciante whose music has brought him to "different directions" (pointing away from RHCP).

Kiedis still sounds like a careless Californian and subsequently, critics may critique the lack of musical evolution. Still there is the odd surprise to put in your pipe. Go for it!