torsdag 19 maj 2011

Hair Cuts Zürich

Here at Salzmann Intercoiffure you can get probably the cheapest haircut in the city. I have been here twice already and have no plans of ever coming back. The facial expression of the dude on the pic says it all... The first time, I noticed that one side burn was longer than the other (I did not even have sideburns when I came in), the second time they didn't even cut the hair on the back of my neck. My impression? 1 hour and 25 bucks later, you'll still need a haircut.

I was just as surprised as the guy in the picture, when I walked out of Gidor on Badenerstrasse with a haircut that actually looked good. In Switzerland. Who'd have thunk it? And, it was 5 bucks off and went to my bonus card!

A nice little salon this is, Coiffure Creation, run by Schiess&Tröndle just outside of where I live between the Turkish kebab place and the Erotic sex shop on Badenerstrasse. It was however abundantly clear that it was predominantly for women, as they had no men in their catalogs. A big minus for the hairdresser trying to force me into a Swiss-fashion haircut. Swiss fashion does not exist, if you did not know this.

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