tisdag 19 oktober 2010

Re "what a gay ass channel, learn to cook like a man boy"/bashafacin

Because the Youtube commenting only allows a limited amount of writing (rambling) I will use my blog (that no one reads) to reply to this comment posted by a "bashafacin" (that, of course, he will never know of) on my Youtube channel. Firstly, you must have confused my channel with some other channel as mine does not contain any "gay ass", in fact no asses at all - only very little of my own bottom has ever been caught on screen. In the instance where it was, it was also quite evident that I have no ass.

"what a gay ass channel, learn to cook like a man boy"

You really have some 'splainin' to do here. By "gay ass", did you mean "gay" in the traditional sense, i.e. happy and not the post modern bourgeoisie sense? Did you mean "happy ass"? Or maybe "perky"? Or talkative, as in frequently farting? Because I have to tell you, this LCHF diet has the exact opposite effect - it reduces flatulence for many people who otherwise suffer from it.

"what a gay ass channel, learn to cook like a man boy"

Secondly, even if my channel did feature gay asses, there would be nothing wrong with that, so long as the content was not in conflict with youtube posting regulations - which again leads me to the conclusion that you had my channel confused with someone else's that you might have been "browsing" through earlier.

"what a gay ass channel, learn to cook like a man boy"

Thirdly, I would like to address the second part of the mail (although it may be two parts, the grammar is a bit rusty). Going by the first part of the mail i assume that you misspelled a word that came out cook when he actually meant something else. This I can only leave up to speculation but it would make sense considering your initial confounding statement.

And what is a "man boy"?

"what a gay ass channel, learn to cook like a man boy"

It is also possible that you never checked out my channel at all and simple was spewing out insults and happened to target the very core of my channel and blog (and my dwindling self-esteem) by referring to my cooking (and nothing else I hope). I think you should learn to direct your anger better, there are much worse things to be angry about than talkative bottoms and questionable cooking. Such as digestive problems. They can be a real pain.

Finally, I would like to thank all subscribers and friends of the channel and this blog. Let's spread the word!

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  1. wot?
    Didn't I tell you that haters will come? That's a sign that you're successful. good job!
    Secondly, nice response. I hope you don't take the comment seriously.
    a man-boy is:
    or he might meant:"...cook like a man, boy." I donno.