torsdag 27 september 2012

Band of Mirage Rock Horses

So happy to see there is a band producing great music in album after album after album, like these Seattle rocker boys. Same ol some ol; creepy lyrics that cut straight to the core and funny rhymes. A psychedelic twist of all that is country music. Recommended heavily is Ego Nightmare, which is not on YouTube yet! Don't miss it - it is evidently an iTunes Bonus track. YouTube does have Heartbreak on the 101 which is good news for all'y'all looking for blues and stuff. Everything's Gonna Be Undone is off the hook too, in fact, so far off the hook - it can barely be discerned from there. There are also a few hidden Bonus tracks that you might miss if you actually buy the album - check out; the title track Mirage Rock, Irmo Bats (not on YT!), Bock, Relly's Dream and Catalina (not found!). Anyhow, get it!

onsdag 26 september 2012

Battle born killers

After lead singer Brandon Flowers solo-phase, finally the four Las Vegas campers have gotten together again to make an album. The title track Battle Born being a typical epical apical Killers tune, should be mandatory for all non-zombies to leak into their ear pipes. A personal favourite is The Way It Was - has so many good things in it, from beginning to end. First released was Runaways which has a nice 80's touché to it, indeed, and can be played in any occasion you can imagine.

Actually, among most tracks you'll find something that works. I can go an recommending the whole album - but instead I'll finish off with the sad song Here with Me, which in my head reflected the modern society issues/tribulations/trials while still sounding like it was made decades before I was even born. Good stuff guys. Was worried there for a while after Brannie went off on a Lone Ranger trip.

tisdag 25 september 2012

Tremaine "Trey" Aldon Neverson's chapter V (five?)

Took me five albums to come across this young man - a proverbial R Kelly sans the dubious rhythmic golden showering of minors - just check out Dive in. Must say that the R'n'B scene has been dried out a little, so this be a fresh of breath air, to spoonerize a little. Top tracks to blast into your cochlea for subsequent excitation of the auditory cortex include Heart Attack (explicit version is better - always!), Bad decisions and finally, the OK track, 2 Reasons with TI who still remains famous despite lack of music in which he is more than a side-kick. Check it out, food!

tisdag 18 september 2012

Bloc Party number Four

The London Boys of Bloc Party are out with the fourth album since a month, it is called "Four" to commemorate this as well. The lame album cover is depicted to the right, but since it is a cool gang of guys, I have also plastered them below. The album, like most of their songs, does have an emo vibe to it. It can get melancholic at times, but still the sounds remains different from others. Listen to the country-sound Coliseum, quintessential Real Talk, the heartbreakie Day Four (live) I could not find the non-live track so..., and Leaf Skeleton with a cool intro and finally I will mention the totally rocked-out We are not good people. Somewhere in this heap of Briton tunes you should find something that tickles your fancy, I say, I say.


We've all seen the, to put it in mild terms, provocative Innocence of Muslims video stirring up riots by design Muammar G-style all over the Middle East and North Africa, but how does one react when one's prophet is insulted? Don't ask me - you would just be making things worse by asking me, for sure. But let's ask Nouman Ali Khan, the CEO and also founder of Bayyinah - an Islamic educational institution in USA. He has uploaded a video below which could give some fresh perspectives on how to do your thing as best you can. So, keep it real and stay outta fire. Big up yourselves.

söndag 16 september 2012

Dillard and his wild ones

Thirty-two year old Tramar Dillard, also known as Flo Rida from Florida came out July third this summer with Wild Ones, a name that supposedly comes from the high expectations of Mr Dillard regarding the album success. And he was right. We have all heard Whistle (in fact, I think I hear it right now...) and Good Feeling (with an Etta James (RIP) voice sample made famous by Avicii's Levels) that Mr Rida later decided to commemorate her memory with because he is a nice guy like that. Further tracks not dedicated to dead people are Run with Stefan Kendal Gordy of LMFAO, a track offically written by Faheem Rasheed Najm, also known as T-Pain for some reason, as well but he later got dropped from the track. If you cannot live without him on it, check out the Run To You version instead that is illegal on YouTube. Perfect jogging musak.

fredag 14 september 2012

Lovestrong Perri

Last year in May already, once again out of my knowledge, a twenty-six year old female person recorded the results of air pressed passed vocal cords and an array of instruments into what became Christina Judith Perri's Lovestrong album that made it all the way to position 62 on the Polish Album Chart. If we, say, compare her work to the air forced out of contemporary female persons like Lana Del Rey, this album has lesser sass but much better music, in my fumble opinion. The skin-crawling Jar of Hearts (not to be confused with Jar of Farts by Maleaha) should show you what I mean, but take a look at Bang Bang Bang which is a funky tune, or, or, or Bluebird which is a sad song that Regina Spektor might as well have sung (a compliment for sure) or the dancy-dance Mine. She's got talent for sure, will be fun to follow her battles with Florence, Lana and Regina for the throne!

Them codes, Them keys (only for cuties)

The Washington rockers with the coolest name ever thought of - Death Cab For Cutie, wow - came out with an album titled Codes and Keys already last year which escaped my acute sense of perception. After listening to it a few times while cutting mouse brains for mere scientific purposes (and fetiche) I can say that the quasi-Christian rocker boys actually grew on me. Tracks to pay attention to are the eire Monday Morning, the Band of Horsesque Codes and Keys and the tempo-tempo Home is a Fire. Good stuff actually, the rest is mostly acceptable. Good to finally have a band that sounds good with vocals that you can actually understand - every syllable in fact - coming out of the throat of Ben Gibbard.

söndag 2 september 2012

Sjung med Laleh Pourkarim

Ravishing Iranian Swede Laleh - famous for her kick-ass song Invisible - is back,  (since January this year) with the album Sjung - a word impossible for any angloglot to pronounce correctly and means Sing in the imperative form in Swedish. In my "humble" (a different word for irrelevant) opinion, it sounds like she got influenced heavily by MGMT and their lyrics of children and youth. But there is definitely a Björky and Spektoresque touch to her sound as well. Cannot say anything popped out, the tracks are essentially on a steady level. Although, Samuel is clearly a proof of her talent. The rest, I shall leave in your hands and ears to experience.