tisdag 24 maj 2011

Dostojevskij - Karamazov Brothers

Fjodor Dostojevskij's last work on the three Alexey, Dmitri and Ivan Karamazov brethren is a 950 page tale that dives into the dual-edge personality of a Russian family. But of course - a reader reads as she/he recognizes him/herself between the lines. Every page of this novel is like a table conversation with an excited Dostojevskij who has to finish his story for you, before you get bored - and believe me, you won't have time to get bored. Especially with the great illustrations of William Sharp, see the pic, however - I must say that Mr Sharp played an extraordinary prank on me. If you look at the back of the book at his illustrations (top right corner) - an illustrations actually spoils the near-ending of the book! I will not divulge the details, but I was spoiled about 200 pages too early, did not effect the over all experience though.

Some say it is his greatest work. I say, it is a formidable story that is easy to read and keeps going and going. What more could one want?

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