fredag 3 december 2010

Cheesy fo-sheezy

Luzerner Rustico; Swiss fermented dairy - and I could smell the lake upon breaking the seal. Classic pugnant old cheese taste. Absolutely splendid. Only minus is the soft texture that doesn't allow fine grading. Thumb is up.

The Italian Pecorino Siciliano, given the "rich" history of this island, you would expect something unforgetable. Instead it is one of the most boring and pale things ever to come out of a cow. Thumbs down, despite the hint of a lingering aftertaste.

An easy-eatin' mild Swiss cheese for them who likes it soft. Like a bed of clouds and kittens. Too hard to be brie, too soft to be Gouda. Works well on cold Monday and Wednesday mornings. Thumb-upped!

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