tisdag 16 november 2010

Wet&dark Zürich: Kaufleuten

Will cost you about 25-30 CHF, which is food for a week for students (not Swiss students), to gain entry into. But once you're in there, oh man! It is very exclusive (don't know how I ever got in) even for Zürich, so if you have the moolah, drop by. Highly recommended.

Known for being the only place outside of Langstrasse where you can get great hip-hop to dance to. The night I was there, it was indeed very good. I can say this confidently without remembering most of the night. The guards are also very discriminating; one guy enters for one girl. Girls enter as they wish. It's the good time guarantee. Unless you are a homosexual, in which case just go to Bellevue and ask around and you'll be just fine.

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