fredag 31 augusti 2012

Pakito six years ago: Video

French man Pakito, pictured to the left disc jockeying in a lab coat for obvious reasons, released his album Video in 2006. Providing such über-house beats as  Moving on Stereo and Living on Video it has come the time to review the album properly. Indeed, the two hits are present in the album - I would say more than once. What I mean by this is; most songs sound very similar to the other, as if Julien Ranouil decided to only employ a selected repertoire of sounds for all his songs. A healthy change is My Favorite Club which is not about floor hockey but about dancing, drinking and flecking, whatever that is. Additional acceptable track is You Wanna Rock but only if you are willing to give up playing one of the previously recommended ones, same goes for the recent track (2009) Harmony which was not fooling anyone, although it sounded OK.

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