lördag 16 oktober 2010

Kings Of Leon's "Come around Sundown"

The new release of King's of Leon had huge shoes to fill. The band went from a garage rock niche with their first albums to absolute perfection rock with their album "Only by the night". In my humble opinion the greatest album in the 3rd millennium and still rocking.

"Come around Sundown" gets a clear thumbs up although they seem to have lost their perfect touch. Some songs are weaker than others, but especially the first four, five songs carry the album.

Big songs include the hit "Radioactive", also "The End", "Pyro" and my favorite "Mary". The latter strikes a note that reminds me of some strange feeling of forgotten love when I was younger. Big up also to "Pony up" that packs enough heat to be mentioned.

With a total of 13 tracks, this album provides a lot of good listening for about 47 minutes. And perfect jogging music.

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