måndag 6 augusti 2012

Rand Paul Divorcification

Randy-Rand Paul came out in June this year on Foxy News with Sean Hannity and endorsed Mitt Romney. Despite Mitt being described as a serial flip-flopper by Ron Paul too, the dad of Rand, the former republican presidential candidate. Perhaps son and father disagree? I don't know, Ron also appeared positive to supporting Newt Gingrich (!!) in this video on the blog (6:10 into the video). This was last year November. So. Are we surprised?

Question is now why did the Paulies choose to rub elbows with the republican establishment? Are they really thinking they could make a difference? Is this the only way to do some good? But why would Ron throw away his multiple centuries of constitutional consistency and voting record? Why now? Why not go for 2016?

Many theories out there. The easiest may be the most correct one though. One could be that we were fooled all along. The Paul group had us fooled very well then. One can entertain the thought, but the long-standing record makes this unlikely. Maybe Romney made it ran on them dawgs, flaunting his Sachsy Goldmann ca$i$h in their faces, and won them over. We're confused anyhow.

Well, so long libertarianism (what ever that means), ending the feds (what ever that means) and legalizing reefer and drugs. At least for now. Certainly, when Barack Hussein Status-quo Obama wins the election, there will be no change. For sure. At least we have history repeating itself to look forward to, with weaponized socialist drones looking like hummingbirds. USA! USA! USA!

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