söndag 28 augusti 2011

Submerged British Humor

The Britons can make anyone laugh. This movie, "Submarine", however, is more of an American movie where people speak with an English accent. This could partially be explained by the disclaimer "Ben Stiller Presents" on top of the movie box. If he had as much to do in this one as he had with "Greenberg" then I am not surprised.

I guess you could watch this one, a movie about selfish boy who finds happiness in the end. Why not, right?

Solar location unknown

Probably the greatest Swedish singing band of latter years; Kent, have released "En plats i solen" and I had great expectations! But alas, it does not really fly anymore. Ever since "Tillbaka till samtiden" the band has gotten progressively mediocre. Unfortunately.

Maybe I'll give this one a run through again, but I predict that Joakim Berg will soon embark on a solo carrier to try and find that sound of his again...

Hurting lyrics by happiness... Li

Second and better album by Lykke Li Timotej Zachrisson called "Wounded Rhymes" beats the first one "Youth Novels" by miles and miles. From song one you can tell she improved the style and started to make great music.

Let us look forward to the next album, hopefully as innovative and catchy as this one. Check it out! "Silent My Song" and "Youth knows no pain" should be heard!

Broken albino sperm whale

Moby's latest release "Destroyed" sounds totally like Moby, so if you like him... Honestly, the album grows on you and 15 songs for almost 72 minutes by this Juggernaut? It will put you in your place fo'sho'.

If you like beats and rhythm, check out "After":