söndag 23 januari 2011

Like, what is this stuff???

There is no such thing as Swiss meat without the Appenzellers getting involved. Now, I gave my chewing muscles a true pilates work-out when attacking this Berg-Mostbröckli. I still have no idea what it was. I however know that it was overpriced and could be replaced by seasoned rubber cords.

Yes, that's right, the 'Zellers again. After being very disappointed of yet another lactic-acid-in-the-jaw-muscles episode, I read that "peal not edible". With that being fixed, the Pantli was great! Truly, like taking a bite straight out of a living acorn grazing pig on the Swiss highlands. Try it!

Kerns slogan "Mehr als nur Fleisch" left me wondering what actually was in these things? Probably, I will get these again, it seems that the square sausages are becoming fashionable and also, they had a special crunch going.

When buying a "specialty" peace of meat in Zürich, you can count on that the price will be hiked up about 700 feet/h. You can also count on that about 50% of all crazy meats are very, very chewy. And no, it did not get less chewy when I fried it. Some parts of this should be labelled "not edible". I have suppressed the fact that Dachsener Rauchfleish may mean smoked dog.

Don't ask me what this is. I bought it only because it was insanely expensive - so expensive, that it comes with its own cutting board. If you buy this one, then cut it thinly. Very thinly. Not because it is expensive, I think you know why.Take a guess; was it chewy?
To answer the question, I think I may still have a piece lodged between my incisors. I will give a small plus for the peppery taste.

Ah yes, the salami showdown. Italy's Rapellino Classico versus the Hungarians Pick (slightly unfortunate name in the ears of Scandinavians). Hands down: Pick takes it home! The Hungarians will make you hungry for this smoky salami. It is absolutely not chewy. In fact, it almost falls apart in you mouth, like salami powder. Rapellino is not far behind, but lacks its own chutzpah, although it does have a nice and soft forrest-ish taste. Both go very well for that evening no carb snack.

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