tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Brandon Flowers - "Flamingo"

Brandon, usually known from the great band The Killers, released his solo album recently - and I must say, it does have a flamingo-ish sound to it. 14 songs, perfect for a medium-long jog round. Since The Killers are one of my favorite bands, I was biased indeed. Imagine then my disappointment...

Only two tracks leaped out, the mega-hit "crossfire" - a great production, not only because Charlize Theron is in the video but also because of the vocals. The second out-leaper was "was it something I said", here is a link if you want to hear it:

The others? Brandon Flowers sounds like a falsetto Bob Dylan in many of them, others sound like an old Killers song, like "jilted lovers and broken hearts" has basically stolen the drum beat from Spaceman. Who'd've thunk it?? Thumbs down! You can do so much better, Brandon! And "Crossfire" intro is copy of some song that I can not figure out!

I will however listen to it once more before I dismiss it totally. I owe this much to Brandon. I think we all do.

*Revised* After my second jog session with Brandon in my head gear I can sincerely say that it sounds better. Perhaps I had to lower my standards to standard standards. But the thumb remains where it was, unfortunately for Brandon.

*Revised again* After the third run I think it is an OK album actually.

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