lördag 18 augusti 2012

Animal Farm, by Orwell

Georgie Orwell's epic satire Animal Farm I read in Israel under trees smelling of cumquat (get your mind out of the gutter for one second). Even though it is silly, it totally made me, the humble bumble reader, furious at times. It hit the core of the nucleus. A must-read for anyone who is still teeter-tottering on whether we are being profoundly screwed over or not by our beloved governing forces. It is essentially the instruction manual on how to be a giant asshole/successful politician in the climate of today, more than ever. And the people - oh the people... - they buy every word of it. The closing sentence of the book, which I will of course not reveal to you, sums it up very well too. Read it and digest it, my good sir, madam or hermaphrodite.

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