fredag 3 december 2010

Paul's Coffee

In a three-pack discount I got 1,5 kg Caruso for 13 CHF. Caruso must be a bold mongrel of Central/South American highland Arabica, Indian/Indonesia and Asian-African Robusta descent judging from its uncompromising flavor and also, because it says so on the package content label. Highly recommended for coffee connaisures who enjoy a kick in the teeth for breakfast. Thumb up.

Exquisito - ah, yes indeed; the mild choice - perfect for those Sundays where the Saturday is but a lost memory. A mild body and flavor, chased away by a sour aftertaste that leaves the pallate asking; Wherefore does thine replenishing abide, old trustworthy patron?. Thumbs up, for these bean hunters.

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  1. Still waiting for that coffee-clip....I'm the star in it.