lördag 7 juli 2012

The Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde on Swedish Court room corruption

Peter Sunde of The Pirate Bay - actually just a spokesperson - was sentenced to 8 months in prison and left with a fine of 100 million Swedish kronor (spänn), about 14 million USDs, and counting. The judges got him for being an accessory to being an accessory to being a criminal (Yes, that is actually the verdict), to a crime that was not even proven that he committed. Read his story on his blog, unfortunately only in Swedish, but use the Google Webpage Translator to read this amazing story (takes no more than half an hour) of Swedish courtroom partisanship with major "Entertainment" businesses, lies and exaggeration. An excellent piece of comprised letters into, what is commonly knows as a "text". Tell your friends. The Swedes are sell-outs - hear yea, hear yea - newsflash, newsflash...

onsdag 4 juli 2012

Cold War Kids says What's mine is yours

Long Beachers Cold War Kids have been around for a while without me hearing of them until the latest album "Mine is Yours" was released. Can say for sure that it sounds like Kings of Leon and The Black Keys - but cannot yet say if they came first or just ran outta ideas. Anyways, tracks to kick it to are Cold Toes On The Cold Floor (see what I mean by Black Keys??), Bulldozer, Skip The Charades (... and there is the Kings of Leon) and Sensitive Kid (a bit Ratataty here). Check it out Kids!

Hives Lex Hives

The bestest live Swede garage quintette in the world from Fagersta in the middle of nowhere (Sweden) are out with the new album "Lex Hives" and there is certainly things to howl over. High-speed rocky rock and senseless lyrics with an occasional screech from Pelle - it will get you going. Check out I Want More, If I Had A Cent, Midnight Shifter and My Time Is Coming. If you liked their previous punky stuff you will surely like this too, if you didn't? They maybe you have good reasons to stay away this time.