tisdag 27 november 2012

Gonzo on Langstrasse

Finally, I have located a place in Zürich where one can go out on a Saturday and find more women than men. It is on the infamous but actually lukewarm Langstrasse, more precisely number 135. It will cost you, say, fifteen franks to get in there on the weekend, but if you like old and new rock music and desperate chicks of all ages and little competition, the I would avoid Techno/House and go for Rock/Roll. Try it out!

Little Wayne's forth dedication

Yet another unnecessary album by Young Moolah Lil' Wayne, the former greatest rapper alive, now earns money by remaking other peeps music and making the songs famous. Some interesting fashionable Secret Society slang in Mercy with magical Nicki Minaj and a beat in the background that go pow-pow-pow yo and apparently Nicki was voting for Mitt Romney. As if there was a difference anyways. If you like originals, check out Kanye's Mercy right here with some other random folk. Most songs start fine and then lose it by the end, like Wish You Would. Still, I admit that Weezy has gotten better since the last albums, some funny lyrics are back, still far away from his Da Drought 3 days though. Interesting appearance in Get Smoked by Lil Mouse who is only 13 years old, meaning ripe for the entertainment industry to eventfully be destroyed for ever, a perfect role model in other words. Enjoy it!

Drake and taking care... naw...

Aubrey or "Drake" as a few people call him is famous for some reason. I had issues figuring out why, initially I thought it could partly be due to his superhumanly square hairline but after a few hours of research it was evident that he has a large music fan base. The latest album from last year includes talking in a microphone in a manner that would rap sound like acapella Pavarotti style, I mean some times it does not even rhyme and there is barely any confidence in his voice. Over My Dead Body has nice piano by Chantal Kreviazuk with Aubrey talking a lot in the background sometimes. An impressive Lil' Wayne rip off is Headlines, suggesting that he perhaps should try making moolah on impersonations instead, but why hate, why not congratulate? A decent track is title track Take Care featuring Rihanna that Drake once smashed a glass bottle in the face of Chris Brown for, as explained here by pterodactyl Deidre Behar. Muffle funk Marvins Room also sounded good, up until Drake started talking because he felt like it. Rick Ro$$ appears in Lord Knows with an oldschool beat to it. And random talking about Christmas in August. Know what I mean? Actually, most tracks on this album deserve mentioning. Perhaps it was not so bad? Who knows, who knows...

tisdag 13 november 2012

The Strokes and The Angles

After listening to Last Night for the five-hundredth time, I googled The Strokes and found out that in 2011, the album Angles had come out. For some reason, it had hit first place in Australia and on some bill boards of USA. Perhaps Under Cover of Darkness contributed to the largely random compilation of the muffled vocals of Spanish/Danish Julian Casablancas and squealing guitar riffs of Gibraltarian/Argentinian Albert Hammond Jr. Another example is Taken For a Fool - messy lyrics and schizoid melodies gives the impression if imagination and originality. Personally, I liked the track Two Kinds of Happiness that sounds like something from a time long ago by a band long forgotten.