tisdag 16 november 2010

Locomotion to the east! Earphones don't do them justice

The base delivered by this group of youngsters was not fully translated through my SHQ4000 Phillips waterproof headphones during my Zürich run. I only realized this untill I pressed in the supposedly "snug fitted" earcaps during such tracks as "2gether" and "White Flag".

The music layout suffers from a few outdated mainstream influences, like the hip hop phenomenon, the "similie" (google it!) that epic rapper Lil' Wayne made popular and eg Britney Spears benefited from. Or the interplay between female singer and male rapper, made fashionable by Timbaland and copied by others, like B.o.B and Hayley Williams, or Snoop Dogg and Robyn. Difference is that Far East Movement do it well. Thumbs up!

Do yourself a favor and play their music with loud volume and base on high. And dance like the monkey you once (probably) evolved from.

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  1. Ah, much appreciated comment, CJ. It really sheds light on the current influences of youth culture. Thanks you for sharing your insight into the matter with the rest of us that try to follow the pace, and not just ride the wave. Kudos, CJ, kudos for your conciseness and eloquence.