måndag 20 december 2010

Finding the salami

Bought it weeks ago and it never ends, unfortunately, the cheapness of it matches the loss of wanting to buy another one (something for meta-cognitians to discuss). Only get this one if you are cheap or are having friends over who do not necessarily share you sensitive pallet. OK for frying without a bad conscience (virtually unwasteable).

You can almost taste the acorns the pigs grazed on in this dark piece of Nostrano meat. Rapidly dwindling and very popular among my neighbors who don't bother to ask before taking. Have a slice for breakfast to awaken you taste buds en masse; réveillez-vous! I can recommend it. Probably, my neighbors would as well.

The conservative Appenzellers are preserving the Swiss (and the brunt of the European) pride by creating smoky sausges whilst refusing to reveal the secrets behind making it (or was that the cheese? Or beer?). One bite of this Appenzell Tannenberg Schübling and you need not have your morning cigarette - it would just be too much. A true stop-and-think-for-a-second-taste, means; try it! 

The softer, cheaper and (most likely) produced for kids version of a salami. Naturally, my schizo-manic taste buds love the simplicity of it. Perfect for in-jacket-storage and to bring out in the envy of your hungry fellow tram riders.

And you thought your salami was little. Stop complaining! Seven of these Citterio Irresistibili will fit in a small pocket size box that works perfect to snack on after the party is over (believe me, I did this last Friday after a WG-party which broke the ice and cracked some people up. Some are easily entertained, I suppose.) Like manna during winter!

2 kommentarer:

  1. That's some badass sausage. hope you enjoyed it. I have such meat cravings lately. there will be such culinary adventures next semester for us.

  2. Eating a Pic Nic snack at tehe very moment. Gonna break up that Citterio again, it comes in a 3 pack. Oh yeah, baby!