måndag 25 juli 2011

R0d3nt d3mi5e 4nd f4ulty m4th3m4tic5

Deadm4u5 lat3st 4lbum "4x4=12" i5 bel0v5d ev5rywher5 but 1 w0uld s4y th4t he'5 n0t quit3 th3re y3t. S1mil4r t0 P3ndulum (R0b Sw1re), D3admau5 (J0el Z1mmerm4n)  n33ds t0 f1nd h1mself 4nd mak3 4n0ther 4lbum re4l qu1ck! Alth0ugh 1 d0 recomm3nd:

Ch3ck 1t 0ut!

Razzia shut down

The Cinema/Nightclub Razzia in downtown Zürich had it's closure party last weekend, and not a moment too soon I would say. The floor was, imagine my surprise, tilting in a not very refreshing angle, that made vertically challenged Swiss girls appear normal-sized for a second. I can say, it was quite an illusion (disappointment).

Good riddance. Although I did enjoy the Brady Bunch playing on the projector - but the music was awful. And the security guard was smoking pot. Which was cool because the scenario adds irony juxtaposed to the name of the club, and also because drugs are cool.

onsdag 20 juli 2011

Wahlberg&Bale fighting

A funny, violent and well played movie by the creator of Three Kings, David O Russel. "The Fighter" will grip you by the neck from the first scence, where Bale puts his money where his mouth is (once again) and brings home the bacon. A bacon with which he later makes a delicious proverbial omelet together with Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg keeps a steady basal level of acting no more than necessary, and it works perfectly, despite him having the lead role. Not only in the movie, but also in the family.

Based on a true story, on top of it all.

Only in Synecdoche, New York

Written and directed by Charlie Kaufman, so I can promise you that things will get weird and strangely thought-provoking. Leading actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman - possibly the best actor of all time throughout the Universe in all parallel dimensions, so at least there will be good acting. And the rest? Absolutely phenomenal, a must see and re-see. See?

A defined kind of delivery by a crazy older woman

Lady GaGa's new album "Born this Way" is a 23 song CD with surprisingly few remixes and new beats. In the early songs even Dubstep is incorporated, together with a lot of religion and Jesus-references. Dubstep and Jesus. What more do you want? Try out the song "Americano" if you dare.

tisdag 12 juli 2011

Hive: clubbing in a high-way back-alley

If you are looking for über-Techno like nowhere else, I suggest Hive. On the 8th of Juli, Gui Borrato came by and hosted the best techno/electro I and probably many of my fellow hivesmen ever experienced in our short dilettante lives. Go there, and bring money. Do not bring your poor friends.

Ice cold primates visualizing fellatio

The Arctic Monkey's new album "Suck it and see" will knock your socks off, but not in the normal Arctic Monkey manner. Some of the attitude and sass has been replaced for more emo-ish songs that tend to flirt with the echoic guitars of Kings of Leon. Nevertheless, oh, nevertheless, this album is one for your ears only. Check it!