lördag 18 augusti 2012

The best of Paul Wall

File:Paul Wall.jpgGrilled-out white person Paul Wall (Paul Michael Slayton), see picture to the right, has an unofficial Best-of discography created by mostwanted187 at The torrent is from 2008, but since Pauly and his mu-zak has not created headlines since The Ozone awards 2006, I suppose we have not missed anything by leaving out his two albums Fast Life and Heart of a Champion. But feel free to listen to them and write me a review and I will post it in my name and accept full credit. You may know him from such movies as I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell which fashions a whopping 5.2 on IMDB - but I would like to raise a flag for his hip-rap-hopping skills, making him likely the most successful wigguh since the days of Marshall Mathers (b.k.a Eminem before his voice changed) and give props, cred and - if there is time - holler back on a few tracks.

Strongest of all his stuff is They Don't Know featuring his best friend Bun B, which is a song about Texas and "candy paint" which I assume is some sort of fly repellant. Later Paul collaborated with Nelly - not the hot latina with the badonka-donk-donk but the other guy - and made Grillz, basically a serenade to the concept of mouths full of disco balls. Other acceptable tracks include Break'em off and That Fire. All in all, I must say the Swishahouse beats were not bad, although I never felt the grills-fetish, not depicted in the figure to the left. Wonder what happened to them?

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