tisdag 16 november 2010

Daylight savings jive

Arriving at work too early is no laughing matter, thank you Daylight savings time. Future confusion should be avoided. Naturally, I took up the issue with NASA in an email.

Dear Mr and Mrs NASA,
This October, and I think every October, on the last Saturday we had to put the clock back one hour. I did not notice this since I woke up late from being at a student Halloween party on the day before. I didn't really have a suit, just put on a colorful T-shirt and similarly colorful hoody by Rip Curl. It was not until the next Monday that I started wondering why it was so light out so early and why the clock radio from the 70's was one hour behind my Nokia Expressmusic.

To be honest I think the whole procedure is confusing and I suggest we instead adapt to the altering dark/light hours by coming to work 1 hour earlier from the last Saturday of October and onward. I am in progress of writing an email explaining the situation and its solution to my boss and all my coworkers in the lab. I will send this email as soon as you agree to cancelling the daylight savings time procedure.

Thank you for reading
William LeChef

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