söndag 28 november 2010

Wikileaks is wikileaking

Bring out the popcorn and coke (and the foil hat) - the wikileakers are leaking like a very leaky... leek... container. Apparently, "cablegate" reveals that Silvio Berlusconi is vain, Medvedev is Robin, Putin is Batman and Kim Jon-Il is looking old. A big round of applause for our professional political leaders. Democracy all the way to the bank...

Stay tuned:  CablegateWikileaks Twitter,
Wikileaks DDoSer: The Jester

måndag 22 november 2010

House party with Sturm & Klang

WG-house party was lifted several notches by the appearance of the band Sturm & Klang who delivered great music at a loud volume. Some tracks in German, some in Bärnerdütsch and others in made up Russian.
You could tell the mood was "indie" as many girls had short hair on one side and also red pants on. I wore a scarf so I think I melted in nicely. Zürichally, the house party finished off in a smoky basement with a DJ that played Cocuna tracks to keep you from leaving after the band was done.

Nolan's Inception

"No good movies have been made since Casablanca" - and if you think so, then you are most likely a very sad person. Nolan left Bale out in one of his movies and it seems that it works anyway. Literally ground breaking footage with a great cast. Thumbs up for every scene and word said in the movie, almost.

Nolan managed to un-cliché one of the most common "issues" of movies; love. Believable, well played and captivating.

Scorsese's Shutter Island

DiCaprio, Ruffalo, Scorsese, Williams, Kingsley, von Sydow in a movie version of a book by Dennis Lehane. Of course it's a hit. From beginning to end I found that the overpriced tickets and popcorn (before LCHF) was totally worth it. Thumbs up 360 degrees!

Haven't seen it? See it!

Greenberg with Ben Stiller

The only movie I ever couldn't stand watching until the end. About 20 minutes left, but there was no point. Written by Noah Baumbach, the man who will forever be in Wes Anderson's shadow, I had great expectations. Not once was this comedy funny, it was mindnumbingly boring at times and full of old jokes. Thumbs down, do not watch!

lördag 20 november 2010

tisdag 16 november 2010

Daylight savings jive

Arriving at work too early is no laughing matter, thank you Daylight savings time. Future confusion should be avoided. Naturally, I took up the issue with NASA in an email.

Dear Mr and Mrs NASA,
This October, and I think every October, on the last Saturday we had to put the clock back one hour. I did not notice this since I woke up late from being at a student Halloween party on the day before. I didn't really have a suit, just put on a colorful T-shirt and similarly colorful hoody by Rip Curl. It was not until the next Monday that I started wondering why it was so light out so early and why the clock radio from the 70's was one hour behind my Nokia Expressmusic.

To be honest I think the whole procedure is confusing and I suggest we instead adapt to the altering dark/light hours by coming to work 1 hour earlier from the last Saturday of October and onward. I am in progress of writing an email explaining the situation and its solution to my boss and all my coworkers in the lab. I will send this email as soon as you agree to cancelling the daylight savings time procedure.

Thank you for reading
William LeChef

No reply yet.

Go out in style: Rote Fabrik

Probably the coolest place in Zürich! Looks nothing like the city, it's basically a couple of red brick buildings far off from the city run by hoodlums and thugs (or slightly more organized wannabes). Graffiti all over the place, great street art. The restaurant offers delicious cuisine, although usually only 1 out of every 5 dishes actually exist in the kitchen and the rest are for show.

Music usually matches the image, I saw a great Belgian techno band with one girl and guy (do not remember their name, please insert if you do!) there once and also a great Swiss band from Chur (again, I do not remember the name...).

Sometimes the leftist side of Zürich that dwells in these neighborhoods (surprised?) make big clubs, however these will cost you about 35-40 CHF to enter, while Karl Marx turns in his grave.

Out there: Longstreet Bar

Unless you like small dark red areas without a dance floor I would stay away. The bottom floor is only a bar with a sofa, you'll also find tables and chairs and other things that do not make you want to stay. There is a top floor, but it generally gets packed up early with smoke, guys and bad music. The outside offers the main site for drug dealing on Langstrasse, which I guess is an advantage?

St Pauli Bar; rock into the next morning

The old strip bar has (sadly, some say) been refurnished into a rock bar some nights during the week. Go for a troll down Langstrasse and enter if this is the occasion; there is no entry fee. Recommended!

Dance floor is small but since people tend to dance stoically to rock music, with common moves including the 3 second air-guitar, thigh slapping to the beat, head banging and hyperactive shoulder movements. This allows many people to come together in small areas and enjoy each others mirth, until the late hours of the night.

Wet&dark Zürich: Kaufleuten

Will cost you about 25-30 CHF, which is food for a week for students (not Swiss students), to gain entry into. But once you're in there, oh man! It is very exclusive (don't know how I ever got in) even for Zürich, so if you have the moolah, drop by. Highly recommended.

Known for being the only place outside of Langstrasse where you can get great hip-hop to dance to. The night I was there, it was indeed very good. I can say this confidently without remembering most of the night. The guards are also very discriminating; one guy enters for one girl. Girls enter as they wish. It's the good time guarantee. Unless you are a homosexual, in which case just go to Bellevue and ask around and you'll be just fine.

Locomotion to the east! Earphones don't do them justice

The base delivered by this group of youngsters was not fully translated through my SHQ4000 Phillips waterproof headphones during my Zürich run. I only realized this untill I pressed in the supposedly "snug fitted" earcaps during such tracks as "2gether" and "White Flag".

The music layout suffers from a few outdated mainstream influences, like the hip hop phenomenon, the "similie" (google it!) that epic rapper Lil' Wayne made popular and eg Britney Spears benefited from. Or the interplay between female singer and male rapper, made fashionable by Timbaland and copied by others, like B.o.B and Hayley Williams, or Snoop Dogg and Robyn. Difference is that Far East Movement do it well. Thumbs up!

Do yourself a favor and play their music with loud volume and base on high. And dance like the monkey you once (probably) evolved from.

söndag 14 november 2010

Low carb béarnaise sauce

Finally here! It doesn't get more HF that this!

Bon app!

Lights out: Bling

Many people complain about the fact that now when smoking in clubs is illegal, you can smell the farts better. I had never thought of this until I came to Bling, a club on a side street to Langstrasse. At first I was convinced that the smell came from the smoke machine that was on all night in the club, until a friend pointed out to me that there was no smoke machine in the club. The impression of the place very well matched this scenario.

It is free entrance, so what do you expect? Because of this, you'll usually find rambunctious geezers&skeezers who just as much want to dance as check their cell phone and look hard. In addition to that, the dance floor is small. Music is average. I wouldn't go here unless someone dragged me back.

Out in Zürich: Cocuna Bar

So far, my favorite club in Zürich. Located in the wannabe bad neighborhood in the city with the, presumably, highest living standards; Lanstrasse 93. The music features influences of hip hop, electro and heavy beats. Perfect for getting down, in other words. Somehow, these guys seem to be able to keep the old people out of the club as well. If anything, this is impressive.

The ladies are also very presentable and seem to be curios in meeting new people. This is always a plus.

Entrance fee is about 10 CHF and for this you usually get a free drink. So no biggie. Definitively recommend a stop if you're in town.

Zürich Nightlife: Mehrspur

In Niederdorf you'll find a music club with a jazz and 50'/60' rock inclination. Finally, I get to see how mature people behave and dance to "grown up" music.

It's exactly the same as we do.

Middle-aged women and men, both fresh and in the winter of their belt size, get down like it's their birfday very similar to the young. A bit boogie-woogie for my taste, but I guess it was alright. You do not have to pay entrance and there was a surplus of young ladies who seemed to appreciate my jazz moves.

I didn't even know I had it.

onsdag 10 november 2010

Shout out louds and "work"

It was a cold autumn evening in November and I went jogging in the cold rain. The music was Work by one of my favorite bands ever since their Howl Howl Gaff Gaff album. This time it was the third time I went over their latest album. And this time, it worked.

The first three tracks are the strongest in my opinion, including "Fall Hard" and "1999" but the rest will also grow on you as you go. I still hate the song "Show me something new", that will never change.

Thumbs up, lads! And girl.

lördag 6 november 2010

Celebrating 69 subs: with The White Stripes new live album

69 subs on my YouTube channel deserves its own celebration. 59 minutes of live music with one of my favorite bands, The White Stripes, in Toronto, Canada. But I guess you had to be there.

This band has previously provided high-end jogging music with the Get Behind me Satan and Elephant albums, and (outside of the smash hits) featured tracks like "Red Rain", "The Nurse", "We're going to be Friends" - to get your adrenaline started. I realize the hard task of recording a good live-album, very few have managed this (Rammstein, for one) and this one does not really bring The White Stripes to the heights they deserve. Thumbs down and, if that was my thing, I would add a sad smiley face  (oxymoron?).

fredag 5 november 2010

onsdag 3 november 2010

Hot Hot Heat? Not so much...

Disorganized Canadian post punk. The past albums featured some great music ("IOU", "Goodnight goodnight", "Bandages", "Middle of Nowhere"), these guys didn't seem to care what they did. And it worked up, from 2003 to 2007. Somewhere after that the band decided to stop making good music and instead vent their disappointment lyrically to the beat of drums and pounding of guitars. Thumbs down!

One or two OK tracks such as "Implosionastic" and "Nobody's accusing you", but most of them never make it past the intro. Nowhere near good jogging music.

tisdag 2 november 2010

Hipster-alert: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Before Today

Sound's different. Like nothing else. Kind of like the Beatles without Lennon, McCartney, Starr and Harrison. It was recommended to me by one of my music-connaisure/afficionados Max from Gothenburg. Apparently, it's "pre-packaged Summer"! Prior fortuitous recommendations from this guy includes MGMT, Lupe Fiasco, The National and Empire of the Sun. Expectedly, this one should be a slammer.

I can say that it is not perfect jogging music, but it is something completely different. And the sound is not bad either, which is why I can give a thumbs up, but only recommend it for true hipsters, unlike myself.

Low carb tuna casserole

A fish dish with tomato juice, made quickly and will last for a few meals!

Bon App!