lördag 18 augusti 2012

Example won't go quietly

Chipmunk-faced (I'm one to talk...) British guy Elliot John Gleave in the picture to the right may not look like a typical musician but when calls himself Example he makes music. I was in Barcelona, Spain looking for a tank to show off my traffic-stopping arms and shoulders, when I walked into Bershka - another store stuck in the vintage-and-senseless-print swamps of the clothy industry, and heard Elliot's amazing track Kickstarts that my Shazam app helped me identify. Then, I downloaded the album Won't go quietly which was not much to hang in the Christmas tree, as the suedoise say, although the mentioned Kickstarts and also Watch The Sun Come Up should surely be mentioned. If I have the stamina for it, I will check out his newer stuff as well. Word on the street is that he is the real deal.

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