söndag 24 mars 2013

Vincent Kavinsky Belorgey running out

80'ies style eletrographer Kavinsky made it big with his Nightcall in the crap movie Drive two years back. Although this is the strongest track on the album Outrun (name from epic SEGA video game) from last month, some others are worth mentioning. But be ware, if you do not like cars, you might be put off by the album. Like the first track Prelude, about the creation of Deadcruiser, is a superb track if not for the talking all the time about soul splicing and vehicular hybridization. Track Protovision smells strongly of the excellent track Illmerica by Wolfgang Gartner, be sure to see the video of the latter. For some hip-hop techno, do not miss Suburbia (No YouTube video!) with Havoc or First Blood (only in crappy Live version, much better on the album), or for some more retro techno, try Roadgame. Coolest track is Testarossa Autodrive with clear associations to going fast down Autobahn in a red car presumably, and is already 6 years old, with a remix from fellow Frenchie SebastiAn here. Finally, a really nice one to leave off with is Odd Look (let's try SoundCloud then), with similar flirtation with Wolfgang Gartner. Give it a go.

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