onsdag 20 mars 2013

The Denver Lumineers

Wesley Schultz (birthdate unknown) and his gang of Colorado cornholers released their debut album in late 2012, self-entitled as The Lumineers. Originally Wesley and his buddy Jeremiah Fraites cruised around New York/Jersey before they settled in the South Park State. The album is an amazing folk compilation that only Band of Horses and Cave Singers ever came close to. My prediction is one or two more excellent albums by The Lumineers and then crappy ones. All-time favorite track is Hey Ho - we need more happy folks on this planet. Indeed, Big Parade is a nice contribution to joviality.
     Then there are the love songs - the sad one Slow It Down, the happy one Flapper Girl and the neutral one Dead Sea. Don't miss the reborn The Killers in Flapper girl. Finally, Submarines will be etched in your auditory cortex - with lyrics that make perfect sense again.

Definitively Cave Singers inspired track include Stubborn Love, but the important point is that a novel album like this still remains diverse and not niched. So let's enjoy it while it lasts, before they get too good at one thing in particular and forget how to excel in all other areas. Sad, but true - and the natural course of melodic events.

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