måndag 18 mars 2013

The Heaviest Heavy

British Bath rockers The Heavy with Kevin Swaby (seen sweating to the right) singing in American English for some reason. The lyrics actually convey a meaning, something lacking in the music of this day & age. We all know them for their track How You Like Me Now? form their second album The House That Dirt Built, released in '09. Their first album from 2007, Great Vengeance and Furious Fire featured their strongest track Dignity with convincing electric guitar riffs already from the get go. Also, some real actual bona fide Brit-style dialecting in Girl, something Mr Swaby should go for more often. Don't miss Colleen with wailing and trumpets, likely with a sweaty Kevin too. On a happier note, In the Morning - juxtaposed to the melancholic Who needs the Sunshine. Not a bad start for the band.

After that, came The House that Dirt built, with the aforementioned big track. On a steady heavy note, the album delivered without much surprise. Another class track being Short Change Hero. Other than what, patient fans awaited more audible tracks.
     Three years later, in 2012, the The Glorious Dead sprouted with Same Ol' bringing home that long-sought-after soul bacon right next to the indie pop sunny-side ups. If you were impressed by that then do not miss What makes a good man, that would fit perfectly to a James Bond flick any day of the year. Fully taking over all what Amy Winehouse created before celebrity-ing herself to death, the Heavy created Blood Dirt Love Stop - seen here in the Sucker Punch video. Whatever that is. A bit funnier, with a nice (official) video, is Can't Play Dead that has that nice live-music sound to it. Finally, a mention of The Big Bad Wolf is in order. If for nothing else, then at least for the trumpets in the intro and the howling of Kev. Patiently we wait for another 2-3 years for the next attempt.

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