tisdag 19 mars 2013

TImberlake and the 20/20 experience

32-year old Memphibian and former Britney Spears/Cameron Diaz/Scarlet Johansson-boytoy Justin Timberlake (currently with Jessica Biel) came out 4 days ago with the album The 20/20 Experience. The name comes from the Visual acuity scale, meaning normal vision - in metric terms 6/6 - because apparently, people claim to be able to see the songs (according to JT himself). And that is about as interesting as it gets. If you expected the sexy to return once again, you will be disappointed gravely. Largely a luke-warm blanket that will dissipate sooner rather than later into nothingness, The 20/20 Experience offers little but falsetto and timid beats. A plus for the Ratatat-flirtatous riffs appearing every now and then through-out the songs, check out Blue Ocean Floor.
     Fave track Tunnel Vision with frikkuh-frikkuh-Timberland might be replayed a few times, sounding like the classic post-N'SYNC-de novo Timberlake we knew when I was not even in puberty. If that, for some reason, tickled your fancy, then be sure to click Mirrors for some beat boxing and melodic hissing and mouth farts. Finally, J_H_V_A on Suit & Tie with morphed voices in the background, which is the latest craze these days, confer to A$AP Rocky's latest album. Fanboys, try to keep it in your pants until November, when the second part of this album comes out.

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