tisdag 1 januari 2013

The perfect pitch

Late September 2012 brought us a musical comedy, a concept that for some reason has not been pursued by others than the muppets or in productions from over five decades ago. The brilliant casting features Australian comedienne Rebel Wilson (yes, that is her actual name; Rebel) and the ravishing Anna Kendrick in the lead role, not to mention Brittany Snow whose face you might recognise from other recent farces. Also, there were some guys in the movie which were good.

The performance in terms of songs is exquisite, mixing elements from various classical and Swedish pop hits to more recent interpretations of the hip-hopian era. A credible storyline with a few not so credible scenes punched into the scripts to defuse a movie otherwise too good? Too serious? Too non-mainstream? I gather these scenes belong in such movies for comical value in "chick-flicks" for the boyfriends dragged to the theatre against their will by their girlfriends in need of feel-good cinematics. There is one scene in the beginning and one leading up to the end with Brittany in focus, you can't miss it. Personally, I left the movie thinking "If only I could sing..." and secondly downloaded "Breakfast club". Review is eminent. Watch Pitch Perfect, it has a predictable ending, and none of us like surprises.

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