tisdag 1 januari 2013

Mark and Ted

The producer, forever known as Peter GriffinSeth MacFarlane employed the still-sixteen-looking Mark Wahlberg (left of the teddybear in the photo) and former that 70's show star Mila Kunis to create the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy of all time (source). As with most of MacFarlane's work, expect to laugh to dirty jokes, to baffle at his imagination and finally to see an ending that allows for a sequel so that he can make even more money. MacFarlane is not the type to make Bambi-movies, let's just leave it at that. If you consider yourself a 16-45 year old male still struggling to escape his anal phase, this movie should fit you like the proveribal proctologist's glove.

The movie leaves the seer with a few unanswered questions. Did Ted age? If not, how come is voice changed? If so, then how come only his voice and personality matured and not his physique? Does he have vital organs? If so, then how come he is full of non but cotton? If not, then how could he get high from smoking weed out of a bong? These are the questions hopefully addressed in the upcoming sequel, where Ted likely attempts to breed with his girlfriend, yet again bringing the question of organs to the table, and possibly manages to create offspring, struggle with societal issues reflecting the struggle of minorities in the USA and finally realises that he was right all along because he followed his heart. That's my guess.

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