tisdag 29 januari 2013

18 months later with a Scotsman

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris released his album 18 months four months ago, featuring massive tracks like We Found Love which has a very long intro in the video, but at least it is with Rihanna. And, on the Japanese bonus track (for some reason), the remix by R3hab of Bounce with Kelis - patiently, we await her new album, by the by. Next, with Ne-Yo - Let's Go with a video from Brazil, bringing home the fat base lines, yo. Personal favourite, it Awooga with Mr Harris comma Calvin looking snazzy in his lab coat. Then, the already famous Feel So CloseI Need Your Love and Sweet Nothing with Florence without the machine. Wow, first he created disco on his own and now this?? What a great album. Must have been some rad-ass eighteen months for that guy.

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