tisdag 22 januari 2013

Feisty metals

Long overdue, since this album was out in 2011 and since then stuck on my iPhone, but here goes. If you like Canadian songsingers and songwriters, this is straight up your back alley. Expect songs that sound similar to that of Cat Power but with a 'nadian twist meaning it is not quite the same but she gets top marks for trying. Just see How Come You Never Go There and tell me Charlyn did not influence this. A tad of Norah Jones in The Circle Married The Line, but now I am just name-dropping. My favvo track is nevertheless Graveyard with a nice The Knife-like video (confer to this). Then, chiggedy-check out Bittersweet Melodies and tell your friends about it, because it is not known yet and you will get trendsetter points. Most original track will have to be A Commotion, here in a live recording as no original track exists on YouTube. Not too bad I would say.

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