fredag 14 september 2012

Lovestrong Perri

Last year in May already, once again out of my knowledge, a twenty-six year old female person recorded the results of air pressed passed vocal cords and an array of instruments into what became Christina Judith Perri's Lovestrong album that made it all the way to position 62 on the Polish Album Chart. If we, say, compare her work to the air forced out of contemporary female persons like Lana Del Rey, this album has lesser sass but much better music, in my fumble opinion. The skin-crawling Jar of Hearts (not to be confused with Jar of Farts by Maleaha) should show you what I mean, but take a look at Bang Bang Bang which is a funky tune, or, or, or Bluebird which is a sad song that Regina Spektor might as well have sung (a compliment for sure) or the dancy-dance Mine. She's got talent for sure, will be fun to follow her battles with Florence, Lana and Regina for the throne!

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