torsdag 27 september 2012

Band of Mirage Rock Horses

So happy to see there is a band producing great music in album after album after album, like these Seattle rocker boys. Same ol some ol; creepy lyrics that cut straight to the core and funny rhymes. A psychedelic twist of all that is country music. Recommended heavily is Ego Nightmare, which is not on YouTube yet! Don't miss it - it is evidently an iTunes Bonus track. YouTube does have Heartbreak on the 101 which is good news for all'y'all looking for blues and stuff. Everything's Gonna Be Undone is off the hook too, in fact, so far off the hook - it can barely be discerned from there. There are also a few hidden Bonus tracks that you might miss if you actually buy the album - check out; the title track Mirage Rock, Irmo Bats (not on YT!), Bock, Relly's Dream and Catalina (not found!). Anyhow, get it!

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