onsdag 26 september 2012

Battle born killers

After lead singer Brandon Flowers solo-phase, finally the four Las Vegas campers have gotten together again to make an album. The title track Battle Born being a typical epical apical Killers tune, should be mandatory for all non-zombies to leak into their ear pipes. A personal favourite is The Way It Was - has so many good things in it, from beginning to end. First released was Runaways which has a nice 80's touché to it, indeed, and can be played in any occasion you can imagine.

Actually, among most tracks you'll find something that works. I can go an recommending the whole album - but instead I'll finish off with the sad song Here with Me, which in my head reflected the modern society issues/tribulations/trials while still sounding like it was made decades before I was even born. Good stuff guys. Was worried there for a while after Brannie went off on a Lone Ranger trip.

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