söndag 17 juni 2012

Scissor sistah's magic hour

New York gay scene poppers Scissor sisters ( from tribadism) are finally back with a new album featuring many collaborations with successful DJs and artists too lazy to make their own albums. Bouncy tracks soon to be played at a gay bar close to you include Only the Horses (produced with competent DJ Calvin Harris), Somewhere, Let's have a Kiki with DJ Nita (no Youtube vids out yet...) and finally Keep you shoes on. Broaden your horizons, but do not expect too much out of this album

2 kommentarer:

  1. Would you mind making more complete critics? I enjoy reading your texts, I only wish they were a bit longer and better argumented (not a critic, justa a suggestion).
    Also, do you know where one can buy fuberhusk in Switzerland?

  2. Wow, I did not think anyone actually read my stuff. But sure, I can elaborate... And no, I have not found it in Swissy yet, I am alsways looking for it, I suppose it might go by the name of Psyllum or Flohsamenschalen, which you could order at But I have not done this yet, most likely they will charge you insane prices for that too...