söndag 24 juni 2012

Epic Elektronikum: Crystal Castles

The Toronto duo of 'nadians have been crating music-like noises commonly referred to as "eletronic" or "alternative" since 2004. The self-titled album Crystal Castles was released back in 2008, but has only now been discovered by me and concomittantly has the modern pop-scene only recently regressed into the cocoon that Ethan and Alice earstwhile had spun. Let's just call it retro/po-mo. If you can appreciate modern music in it's most unappreciated form, be sure to hear: Crimewave, Untrust Us, Reckless and Vanished. Makes sense that the only form of modern Electronikum that does not sound like MGMT is that made many years ago, although a few parallels to Ratatat's best pop up now and then. Likely, this is by chance. Sounds like I know what I am talking about right?

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