lördag 30 juni 2012

Party time in Zürich and for free!

After going to the majority of Zürich Club rooms listed on the holy grail of party hubs uusgang I realized that mostly it was a waste of time and money. But, there are places where you can cut out the cost of the equation. The two major clubs for free riding in Turicum (yes, Zürich) are *drumroll*:

Thursdays at Zukunft. If only the future will actually be like this - oh then, there is no thing to worry about. Was there during the event Dosci with DJs Triple P & Styro. No entrance fee and a fun mix of curious Swissurs. Excellent music and remixes all night. Could have been more ladies though...

Saturdays at Bagatelle93. A bit trisky, at times completely deserted on the top floor where the DJs rule. Other times it is like a tiny little Hive, which is likely the best House club in the Alps. You'll find Bagatelle93 on Langstrasse, ten meters away from Zukunft in fact, and entrance is always free. Sometimes, it is also a gay bar - but there will still be ladies (see picture) there and good thing is there is less competition. Also, the gays know great House music.

Still have not worked out free places for Fridays. Any ideas?

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