söndag 14 april 2013

Glen Hansard and the Swell Season

Dubliner Glen Hansard calls himself either Glen Hansard, The Swell Season if with Markéta Irglová in a duo or The Frames if based on the emerald isle. Glen has something to say with his songs, from the Swell Season album Strict Joy we find the eerie erie Drown Out. Some nice female vocals in If you want me otherwise Glen dominates the album, see All the Way down. Don't miss the shower video of Low Rising - probably the best duet accomplished on the album with a nice piano in the background.

The solo album of Glenny came out last year, under the name of Rhythm and Repose with more emotions then ever before, as in Bird of Sorrow - try keeping the goose flesh under control, I dare you. Proof of talent in Philander with a video too - and musical diversity in organ-accompanied Races. The unsung singer Glen has something to say for sure.

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