söndag 14 april 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2013

Frisco-rockers BRMC are back with the seventh album Specter at the Feast - an excellent compendium of noise-rock mixed with influences from modern pop without ever gliding into the grimy mainstream scene. Not yet. Heads up for songs very similar to Oasis. And, I have to apologize for the links, but these guys managed somehow to evade having their songs on YouTube, so live version will suffice.

In no particular order, the top tracks are Returning (only live versions on YouTube), the sadder contribution to the album. Then, the amazing Oasis-esque Lose Yourself (live) and Let the Day Begin. The live-version does not do it justice, but don't miss Lullaby that brings some light to the eternal Finsternis of the Specter. You wanna rock? Pump Teenage Disease into your inferior colliculus and see if associations to Motörhead are evident. And be sure to get the album and not rely on the live versions. I promise.

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