måndag 18 februari 2013

Long live Rocky as soon as possible

24-year old Harlem cat Rakim Mayers, is better known as A$AP Rocky, ASAP standing for "Always Strive and Prosper", "Assassinating Snitches and Police" and "Acronym Symbolizing Any Purpose" the latter being,  according to Wikipedia, his favourite meaning of the acronym. The style of this album "Long Live A$AP" of 2013, not to be confused with "Long Live A$AP" of 2011 that I downl... I mean heard only today, is that of dark and mystical Hip Hop blended with the hardest of electro.
    The 2011 album featured acceptable tracks like Palace, giving us a taste of what was to come this January. Experimental tracks like Bass, albeit being convincingly old school, remained prototypic of a young and inexperienced talent. Also, Peso made a reappearance in the 2013 compilation. For some reason. However, moving on to more monumental tracks, we land on the 2013 album.
     Heaviest beat is brought in the climactic Wild For The Night with professional electrician/musician Skrillex and professional French people Birdy Nam Nam. More relaxed than that is Fashion Killa - FYI: the first words in this song is "Her pistol go" and not "Herpes-to-go". Taking over the throne of perpetually hella-faded Lil' Wayne as the greatest rapper alive in Ghetto Symphony. The beats extend in F**kin' Problems to that of a crazy twist juxtaposed to the intro. With excellent beat and rap despite both Drake and 2 Chainz being on it. I wonder what A$AP thought when Drake insisted on talking in the song. However, likely the beat belongs to Drake, being typically fantastic (especially compared to the lyrical contribution). Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, aka K-Dot, also makes an appearance, sounding a tad strange but perfect for the tune. Epic track Hell with Santigold shows all non-believer the spectrum that Rakim A$AP Mayers has mastered as his own home turf. Probably the most important Hip Hop album in many years, from that good side of Hip Hop where A$AP and Wiz Khalifa reside for the moment. Under supervision of Kanye and JAY-HOVA and his witnesses, naturally. Can't wait for the A$AP-Khalifa collaboration track.

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