söndag 17 februari 2013

Local and Native Hummingbirds

The Los Angeles indie rockers Local Natives, also known as Cavil and Rest (cavil means raising a trivial objection) - consist of Taylor Rice, Kelsey Ayer, Ryan Hahn and Matt Frazier - none of which being actual local natives.Most of them are likely to be found in the instagrammed photo to the right.  Their Deluxe album version of Hummingbird has already been reviewed by Jacob Rob AJ Here. This latest album have placed them on the map already dominated by Fleet Foxes, MGMT and King's of Leon - but this has not deterred them entirely from making music. If this is not your cup of music I suggest you blast some Breakers into your ears and try again. All fans of Fleet Foxes, hear ye, and press the link to You And I and tell me there are no influences there. Most tracks have a similar sound to them, but among the hear-worthy sparse variety is Columbia, fighting for the first place in this album, with a clear King's of Leon in them. If you like continuity, then listen to the other tracks but don't expect any surprises or Wow! moments.

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