tisdag 27 november 2012

Little Wayne's forth dedication

Yet another unnecessary album by Young Moolah Lil' Wayne, the former greatest rapper alive, now earns money by remaking other peeps music and making the songs famous. Some interesting fashionable Secret Society slang in Mercy with magical Nicki Minaj and a beat in the background that go pow-pow-pow yo and apparently Nicki was voting for Mitt Romney. As if there was a difference anyways. If you like originals, check out Kanye's Mercy right here with some other random folk. Most songs start fine and then lose it by the end, like Wish You Would. Still, I admit that Weezy has gotten better since the last albums, some funny lyrics are back, still far away from his Da Drought 3 days though. Interesting appearance in Get Smoked by Lil Mouse who is only 13 years old, meaning ripe for the entertainment industry to eventfully be destroyed for ever, a perfect role model in other words. Enjoy it!

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