måndag 10 december 2012

Road to Serfdom is paved with socialism

All planners and socialists - take a look here! Already in 1944, Friedrich August von Hayek (not related to Selma) had ideas on why central planning by a few albeit intelligent visionaries would still fail, and why these themselves would despite their intelligence are lured to a failing entity. If such a book was read in the manner it was written - composed and humble - then we might actually have a discussion of actual politics some day in the future. And, above all, it might also be productive. Yeah, sound nuts. Friedrich served in the 1st World War and then wanted to avoid being cannon fodder for Austrian-Hungarians on the Italian battlefield. He later studied in London and would during the 2nd World War further develop his liberal ideas, after the Adolf's Austrian Anschluss. In 1974, he shared the Nobel Economics Prize with Swedish socialist Gunnar Myrdal despite being Mr Free Market and Gold-Standard. Drop the remote for a second and take a look into this book and find out what real men read about while you are busy figuring out whether or not to call that girl that you do not remember what looked like who already, by the by, met someone else.

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  1. The Road to Serfdom was and is one of my favorite books. I enjoy your LCHF cooking youtube podcast.